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Twitter Marketing Tips – Why and How Twitter is Becoming a Social and Marketing Phenomenon

Twitter is a rapidly growing social networking community and offers a lot of opportunity for businesses through simple ‘Tweets’. If your Twitter marketing strategy is successful then it will help in driving higher targeted traffic to your website. Here’s an example of what this digital word-of-mouth social marketing is capable of.

According to New York Times, Curtis Kimball operates a crème brûlée cart in San Francisco. Once he noticed a stranger in the queue of friendly faces who wanted to buy his dessert. He came to know later on that the stranger had actually heard about him on twitter. Come to think of it – Curtis Kimball doesn’t know what twitter is and he has never advertised. You can very well imagine how much good a well-planned Twitter marketing strategy can bring upon your business.

Even big and powerful companies like Starbucks, Dell, and Comcast use Twitter regularly to keep in touch with their customers, to get feedback from them and to promote their new products. But more than that, twitter is a very useful marketing tool for small businesses and even home-based businesses.

If you have a home based business and if you are looking for targeted traffic to your website and loyal customers then you need to devise a Twitter marketing strategy. The basic idea is not to sell your products on twitter; the basic idea is to create a group where you can post any information related to your business. The more you interact with people and your target audience on Twitter, the wider your reach will be.