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Sales and Marketing Plans Need to Deliver a One-Two Knockout Punch!

In establishing goals for your business, you need to examine your sales and marketing plan.

I have worked with many businesses that seem to have either a great marketing plan or an awesome sales plan but not both. Few businesses see the need to have both an incredible marketing and sales strategy. If you haven’t guessed it by the now, the key to having an effective sales and marketing strategy is an understanding of the Experience. Without the experience, your strategies will fall short of achieving your growth goals. But, if you can define the experience people want; give people this experience, and maintain the experience whenever they want it, you are well on your way to business greatness.

To effectively understand the full experience, you need to break your marketing and sales strategies into two separate plans. The first plan you should focus on is the marketing strategy or experience. This marketing plan needs to focus around the customer or the person who is actually buying your product. To effectively do this, you must completely understand your customer. Why do they want the product? How do they use the product or service? What is the product purchase frequency?

When I’m working with clients, I advise them to spend most of their time working on developing this complete Understanding before any money is spent on developing the actual product or service. Many entrepreneurs develop what THEY think is an awesome product yet they fail to realize or understand what the CUSTOMER’S needs actually are. You need to completely understand your customer, develop a product which meets this understanding, and create the marketing strategy to fulfill this understanding.

Spend some time this week focusing on your customer’s wants and needs.

Understand your consumer and develop a marketing plan that effectively creates an experience to fulfill what your consumer wants.

Popular Business and Finance Magazine Subscription

In today’s highly competitive business industry, subscribing to popular business and finance magazines are more important than ever before. These trade magazines can help you become updated with the current trends in your business niche. Whether you want new insights into your particular market or the current trends today in management, business and finance mags can surely help you. 

There are literally hundreds of business magazines. They vary in many aspects. Many Sites offer cheap subscriptions of the most popular business and finance magazines. This can provide you with unbelievably big discounts than when subscribing to the publisher itself, or even more savings than buying them in your local newsstand. 

But the main question now is, among these popular business mags, how do you know if you are making the right choice? Here are some tips to help you search for a good business magazine that is sure to benefit you and your business: 

1. Look for magazines that covers every aspect of your business. You may need to get more than one type of business and finance magazine. You may even use some other subscription when necessary. For example, if your target market are teens, you will find a teen magazine subscription useful as means of market research. You can use theoretical or management magazines to help you look for solutions when issues arise. Do not limit your resources when it comes to your business. Magazines provide lots of information that you cannot find elsewhere. 

2. Take advantage of free magazine subscriptions. There are free magazine subscriptions that publishers provide. However, they usually need to fill up an application form which requires you to describe your qualifications. When filling out the form, do not exaggerate and be as truthful as possible. Consider the possibility that the magazine publisher may deny your request, as these free subscriptions are only provided on a limited basis. 

3. Make sure that you make a good use of your business magazine subscription. Remember that popular business and finance magazines do not come cheap. Make the most use of it by reading from page to page. Even if an article is not quite related to your niche, take time to read it. You will be surprised that it can bring you information you didn’t know before. Of course, make sure you do not order more business magazine subscriptions that you can read.