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Safe Investing Isn’t Scary – It Only Takes Little Time

Is safe investing scary? Or is it simply that we are afraid to change? There are a zillion philosophies and proponents of investing and investing techniques but so many of us stick to doing what we have been doing rather than change or move forward.

Every week a new book comes out about another investing technique and people rush to buy it but then how many execute, how many will change what they are doing to try this new technique?

Whether we talk about investment analysis software of safe retirement investing there is one impediment to realizing profitable investment results and one critical proven concept that so many either avoid because they can’t believe it is proven or they want to make it better.

The impediment:

Our life is good, or maybe it’s okay. Sure the price of gas is going up and rent keeps climbing or the car insurance bill never goes down, just up, but typically we make due figuring we’ll get a raise or, well we will just cut something out of our regular spending habit.

In other words we are afraid of Change, yes, CHANGE.

We know – because there are TV reports, newspaper and magazine articles that there are people who make money at investing, good money, but they have time to do it, lots of time and that’s not us, not me.

BUT becoming an investor, a part-time investor, a very, very part-time investor can provide significant rewards like covering the cost of rising gas prices or rent jumps and all the new clothes children need.

Joining an athletic club to keep our bodies in shape requires a major change in our daily and weekly routines. But most people believe keeping their body in shape is worth the three, five, seven hours a week investment – investment in themselves.

Investing in our financial future doesn’t need to take much longer than one shower a week. Okay, you prefer a bath – same thing, same time investment in ourselves, our financial wellbeing. A decent personal investment software program will enable you to do just this.

The proven concept

Yes there are many successful ways of safe investing, of strong profitable investing.

But interestingly there is one particular method of investing that pops up time and again, frequently disguised by an author or proponent with a different name or even his name, but the core remains the same.

Just the other day I learned of another investor’s concept and recommendations, but his core was the same.

But this proven means of investing doesn’t have a sexy name and even the derivative names, the names that are different with different concepts all have the same core, these too sound strange and definitely not something you can just blurt out in a conversation with a co-worker unless you want them to say, “Huh, What.”

So here we go again with change. Being willing to listen to a little bit of jargon, just like everyone has their own workplace jargon.

Relative Strength is the proven answer.

In other words does a stock or a fund have the strength to go forward? It’s really that simple. And if it does is it’s strength greater or lesser than other stocks or funds? That, you might say is the relative and comparative part.

An investment software program that focuses on relative strength can make an investor a happy camper because it is focusing on the most basic of proven profitable stock market technical analysis methods.

If you want more information about relative strength, read some of Michael Carr’s books. He is widely considered the relative strength guru.

Just to clarify a bit, here are some typical terms or formulas based upon relative strength:

  • Relative strength momentum
  • Alpha
  • Return
  • Relative strength index
  • Price oscillator

Carr discusses seven different types or formulas, and there are more, but the core remains relative strength.

If you want to improve your financial health along with your physical well-being, try an investment software program that offers or focuses on relative strength investing. And look for one that will enable you to become a profitable safe investor in as little time as it takes to shower down after a hard workout.