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How To Get An Early Start On The Journey Of Investing

I spent New Year’s Day with my favorite brother and got to see places and things that inspired me to work hard, count my blessings and appreciate how every day presents itself with something new to learn.

I took time to go to the local market to check email as there was no network coverage at my brother’s farm. While browsing I noticed the boy seated next to me was on a college website applying for his first term.

While smiling, I thought how technology had revolutionized communication, ease of access to services and just how great it must be to be able to access education online. Years ago when I was accepted for my undergraduate studies, we had to do everything through with and at the main offices and not at the comfort of any computer in a cyber cafe.

We struck a conversation and he asked me if he was pursuing the right course and if he could use his money wisely to invest as he was studying.

I was impressed that this smart boy was already thinking of his future. I gave him my two cents and explained that the course was great for him and would give him a myriad of organizations to work for. When it came to investing I wished I had been thinking like this boy 20 or so years ago.

As a First Year student, I vividly remember an acre of land in Kahawa Sukari in Kenya, East Africa was being sold for less than Sh10, 000. Twenty years later and the same is not less than Sh10 million.

As much as land is always a sure bet to invest in, wise investments can stem from different decisions and options.

Not everyone can afford to buy a piece of land at the time they are thinking of investing, but there are a number of ways one can invest to reap long term results from small amounts of money.

Extensive market research, however, needs to be carried out in order to invest wisely, whether in the stock market to shares, mutual funds, government bonds or even crafty Ponzi schemes.

Investment brokers and firms can be used when one can afford their services, but if you are low on funds, then you can always choose to go it alone.

But before you invest, you might want to consider a number of things;

Do you know about the product?

I love cereal – especially Fiber One honey roasted oats. If I was to invest in something, it would be something I use and believe in. Most of the times we fall prey to hearsay and dash into making an investment or buying shares thinking that a friend or neighbor reaped large profits from their investment.

If you are going to invest, why not invest in something you believe in or something you use on a regular basis – that way, every time you use the product you can smile at the profit you might reap in the long run.

Are you investing short or long term?

The undoubted way of reaping profit from your investment in an unpredictable share market is long term investments with little risk. If you do not have time to keep checking share index prices every morning, then long term investments would be best for you.

Keep some money aside and wait for a long time and in the end you will feel like you bought that piece of land in Kahawa Sukari 20 years ago.

Invest in smaller organizations

Investing in a small company that shows promise other than a large corporation that can sometimes be volatile or hard to predict is a better bet. Smaller companies with fewer shareholders work harder at building and growing. A sure way to reap results would be to invest in passionate companies that you are sure will grow steadily but surely.

Invest money you can forget you had

Investments are a lot like loans. You can only give money to a friend you can do without so when you get it back no matter how long it takes, it is a pleasant surprise. When you invest, you should not feel the pinch and try to rush back for your money nor should it generate ill feelings.

So make a strategic plan and start investing as early as you can – remember that it is never too early nor too late to see your dream come true and you can start with very little – just be patient and remember you have planted a seed that you might sow in the near future.